Ben Huws – There On Time

Heres our video for Ben Huws titled There On Time.

We got a bit over ambitious with this one. Initially it was intended to be an HDR version. Shooting in HDR using Magic Lantern went great, however the editing process was a bit too much and we encountered lots of issues combining after effects with Ginger HDR at the same time as updating to Apple Maverick and then trial licenses running out whilst trying to re-install AE.. It was messy.
However we did shoot back up footage throughout just incase we did have any problems. So effectively the video was shot twice. We still have the HDR footage and might get the right software one day. In the meantime here is our normal version.

Find more music by Ben Huws

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Man – Paul Gingell
Woman – Tracey Campbell


Second Video from August. Idle – Dissolved

We shot two videos in August, here is the second.
A song called ‘Dissolved’ for artist Idle.
We made the props and shot it using a canon 7D.
A big thankyou to Meisha Daniels and Andrew Davies for featuring in this track. We had a lot of fun shooting it 😀

Here are some social media links for Idle if you’d like to hear more

And heres the video

Septembers Music Video in Progress

We are currently planning the music video for September and getting quite excited.
We have a lovely track from Ben Huws called ‘There On Time’ which you can listen to below

More of Ben Huws music can be found at

Our script is almost finished and we plan to shoot it on Sunday with this months actor Paul Gingell
Paul Gingell

We will also be looking at shooting HDR with Magic Lantern. If your not sure what that is, heres a little explanation I found on Vimeo

Magic Lantern HDR Video from Graham Wheeler on Vimeo.

And heres a little music video that we really like shot using HDR by Yann Kibongui for Philippe G “Actif-Passif”

HDR video : Philippe G “Actif-Passif” [Director Cut] from yann KIBONGUI on Vimeo.

With a ‘Making Of’ video included!

HDR video : hacked Lumix gh1 (GH13 ) hdr color grading, étalonnage hdr from yann KIBONGUI on Vimeo.

Time to do some more experimenting 😀

Music Video for Foreign Legion

During August we shot two videos, here is the first. Market Trader by Foreign Legion.

We combined go pro footage with Canon 7D and tested out the go pro wifi app which was very useful!

A huge thank you to all those involved

Adam Benjamin Lloyd – Skater

Jo Goodwin – Shop keeper / Hoody

Steve Coleman – Tourist / Hoody

Kris Parr – Fighter 1

Clive Roderick – Fighter 2

Tracey Campbell – Eating Crisps / Hoody

You can check out the band on their facebook page here. Enjoy!


Pictures from Idle ‘Dissolved’ shoot

We shot two videos this August, the second of which was for a musician called Idle, a track called ‘Dissolved’.

This video was shot on the canon 7D with nothing fancy filming wise, however we did go a little bit more into dressing our characters which was a lot of fun. Here are some photos from the shoot. Its currently in post production and will be released soon.

IMG_6307-2 IMG_6291-2 IMG_6279-2 IMG_6272-2 IMG_6257-2 IMG_6255-2 IMG_6241-2

Pictures from Foreign Legion Shoot

During August we went out and shot a video for Foreign Legion, for this particular video we used a Go Pro and Canon 7D.

The video is currently in post production, but heres some pics of the shoot.

A huge thank you to all those involved. Video with credits will be posted soon!

DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO fl6 fl5 fl4 fl3 fl2 fl1

Second track for August. Idle ‘Dissolved’

Our second video for August is another track by Idle called Dissolved, here it is


The song is about not being able to relax.

We’ve done one for the artist at the beginning of this year, but this one has lyrics and its yum so we wanted to do another.

This was the last one we did

Here are some handy links for more of Idles music





There may or may not be bubble wrap involved inspired by Idle’s visual for the track and we’ve got two lovely people to act in it.

Meisha Daniel

Meisha Daniel


Andrew Davies


Both will very kindly lend there time to us at the end of the month, thank you very much both!